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We at CodeZones offer premium quality UI/UX Design.

Are you looking for a UX/UI Designer to hire? Our designers take pride in developing attractive designs with greater ease of use. We’ve worked on more than 600+ projects for designing websites and mobile apps. Hire user interface designers who have experience with advanced design concepts, such as user experience and user interface design.

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UX design

There is no point in having an app or website that looks good but is complicated to use. If you want users to stay longer, hire a UX designer and work on the user experience design. Our team of user experience designers have developed apps like Potafo, the most downloaded food delivery app, with easy navigation and clear layouts.

User Interface Design

The user interface is where the user interacts, so the user interface design should be pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. We have a team of UI designers who focus on every element on the screen. We added 3D elements, animations, fonts, buttons, and sliders and used the CoolHughes 2.0 color palette to make interaction design fun.

Mobile Application Design

Are you planning to develop a mobile app? Whether you are developing iOS, Android or mixed apps, we create layouts for every platform. The UI/UX Designer team follows Apple and Google design guidelines to create an interface design specifically for your project. We've built over 600 Android apps and over 800 iOS apps,

Web Application Design

When your application is running on the web, you have to be extra careful. Your web application design should be consistent, mobile compatible, and not lag behind the server. If your web application is not dynamic and interactive, users can switch to another application. Hire UI/UX designers who built 50+ web apps like CareClinic, ServisHero, and Trovit One.

Web page design

Are you looking to build a website for your business from scratch or upgrade your website to a new platform? Our web designers understand that the purpose of a website is to inform and convert potential customers. Hire a UI/UX designer with us and develop a website that differentiates you from your competition. We've designed over 230 websites and landing pages.

Designing a logo

You can never underestimate the importance of your logo design. A logo is a huge part of your brand identity and you need to be careful in designing it. We understand that your website or app logo can influence the popularity of your product and this requires research. Our team of UX/UI designers develop a simple and elegant logo design for your product that users can recognize.

Are you looking for UI/UX designers to hire? Hire UX designers to develop user-centric apps and conversion-focused websites for every business.

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